Carl Joins Hands with Campos Racing Team for his Racing4Charity Initiative

Carl has announced an unprecedented partnership with Campos Racing Team and Ralph Boschung for Formula 2 Season 2022. This partnership will support the new Racing4Charity initiative and will help raise money in crypto for children with disabilities. Additionally, this remarkable partnership is part of Carl’s efforts to support the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

Carl intends to use every race this season as an opportunity to not only spread the word about crypto, but also to raise money for charity for different foundations that help children with disabilities. The Formula 2 car driven by Ralph Boschung will feature a QR code, which will give people the option to donate money through their crypto wallet.

Carl will start the charity on each race day by donating 30,000 USD. In addition to this, he will donate 100,000 USD to the charity when Ralph Boschung in his Moonmobile wins the race. Carl is convinced, that this remarkable partnership will move other car racing enthusiasts to follow his example and do something extraordinary likewise.

How to Donate

We believe in one simple thing that all children should have equal rights. These include the right to be educated, happy and healthy. We are also convinced that crypto can be a force for good. If you share the same belief, join us to make our Racing4Charity initiative stronger and more impactful.

Your donations can make a massive difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Our platform will transfer 100% donations to the charity, and our team will cover all associated costs.

Here is how you can donate:

Open your wallet & scan the QR code or copy the wallet address.

Choose the amount of crypto you would like to donate.

Send the donation through your wallet.

Copy the wallet address and open your wallet

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